sea desert and games diary

I try, through photography, to form a playful diary. This photographic act is the course of my childhood memories. There, I represent, I organize, I recover. Every image is an observation and every observation creates in me a trace.

According to Susan Sontag, “all memory is individual, it can’t be re-done and dies with each person”. Documenting my memoir through photography has opened a psychological box with a thousand possibilities of understanding time. On Desert of Sea and Games: Diary, I close my eyes when I’m six years old and count hundreds of particles that advance and form the image I desire. And on that particular story where the sea, the desert, and the border come together, I try to forget how I played watching my daughters play.

On Desert of Sea and Games: Diary, I do not forget that on our brain’s archives, our life endures or disappears.

Angelica Escoto

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