Angélica Escoto, multidisciplinary visual artist and open water swimmer.

She recently won the SD Art Prize 2022 for his outstanding creative work and contributions to the Tijuana-San Diego border region. His autobiographical, conceptual, documentaries and archive’s structure narratives with a cinematic wink that they speak of origin, existence, and identity.

She received a scholarship for 2023 from the “William Male” Foundation in the city of San Diego California.

She is currently writing a visual novel to talk about the “ontology of the object” linking.

Her work with the archive donated by Richard Cerrutti, the San Diego geologist who discovered.

The fossil of a mastodon in 1992 and the “stone” tools, which originated a great worldwide debate to show that with this finding primitive man in America is one hundred thousand years older than it was believed inhabiting the continent.

She studied journalism in Mexico City at the Carlos Septién García. She worked as an editor in several regional newspapers in the Mexican Republic. Her photographic work has been published in Spain, France, Germany, the United States, Argentina, Venezuela, and Mexico. has exhibited. Her pieces in Chile, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Cuba, El Salvador, USA and Mexico.


San Diego Art Prize 2022, Selected FINI2019 International Image Festival.

Honorable mention in Spain, Nexofoto 2016 Ibero-American photography contest contemporary.

Honorable mention at the XV Northwest Visual Arts Biennial, Mexico.

Honorable mention in the 5th. Sample of the natural landscape in BC, Mexico.

Mention honorary in the 9th. Photographic Biennial of Baja California, Mexico.

Her work is found in the collection of the Tijuana Cecut Cultural Center, Mexico.


Selected Master Photo Spain 2020-2021, Selected for the PFC Bancomer 2018, PFC (Contemporary Photography Program) 2016-2017, workshops: Maya Goded, José Luis Cuevas, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Ivonn Venegas, Elsa Medina, Alejandro Cartagena, Juan Antonio Molina, Gabriel Boils, Pedro Cañas, Allan Frame, Javier Ramírez Limón, Patricia Mendoza, Gerardo Montiel, Ireri de la Peña, Yolanda Andrade, Pavka Segura, Joseph María Catalá, Federico Gama, Alex Dorsfman, Alicia Ahumada, Oscar Cueto, Sergio de la Torre, Iván Maríquez, Ingrid Hernández, Ramíro Cháves, Melva Arellano, Daniela Edburg, Lourdes Grobet, Francisco Mata Rosas among others.


INDIVIDUAL BOOKS: Walk in closet 2014 “They don’t dance alone” 2020/ “The circular ruins” 2018.

COLLECTIVE BOOKS: “Nude and art” Eli Bartra 2022 + “Archivo Vivo, First mapping of Visual Artists in Baja California”, Mexico 2022. + “Woman in Latin America” 2019 editor Francisco Mata Rosas + “Migration” 2017 Editor Francisco Mata Rosas” + “Rendija” 2014.

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