Histories and Hysteries

(self portrait)

          Histories and Hysteries is a playful act of extreme generosity, the artist gives of herself with no qualms. Her vulnerability cries out loud, leaving us numb when we feel our own. Her work moves us because it reflects our own humanity.

In Stories of Hysteries Angelica shows with brutal honesty the sordid, hidden nooks of a soul tormented by fear.

Her images confront us with our own tortures to the point where we stripped ourselves with her in an act of communion. She touches the fibers, of the webs where our thoughts tend to entangle and strangle us.

The fish, the salt, the dried flowers a guitar are portraits of life in its fullest, openly, no hypocrisy. Escoto doesn’t just reflect the interior jail, she exposes the monster, plays with him. She becomes the surgeon that explores the beast through light as her tool. The images are irreverent, frightening too at some point. We are able to feel her anguish and we feel our own too. Is this an eternal performance fed by the human weight, by the worldly madness of the one who dares to be.

Her discourse is through the flesh coiled in a house, tits coming out from a trench, a heartrending howling to the fire that intoxicates, the animal comes out naked and ferocious from the image. And at the end, she laughs at herself and at those who take her too seriously. She is the woman pregnant with life, she is Eva voluptuous, the sensual sinner, vulnerable but most of all courageous and completely human.

By Laura Hernández

The act of photography is the need I have to see my inside. I free myself through my self-portraits, I let escape hundreds of thoughts that fly like butterflies in a jar. In the basement, my camera awaits for me in a tripod and I re-enact the fear, the pain, or resentment that is torturing me and does not let me move on.

Each image pulls the string of a story, of a hysteria.

By Angélica Escoto

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