Certain Solitude Deserted

                 I marked the horizon with a piece of black chalk. A storm of Leonidas spoiled my desire to come back. When I landed, I found myself alone, next to the sea, and only the desert was holding me. Now, I live frightened traveling with a broken compass. Here, it’s possible to get a glimpse of the moon’s dark face and its oceans made out of volcanic rock and not water. Everything we see or imagine is just a dream within a dream. The anchor of the Earth is the Peninsula, claimed those men and women who are fascinated looking for blind trilobites buried in mud. Men said: If I must join the solitude, I am already alone. If thirst will embrace me, let it be.  This is a parable. Nobody on Earth is so brave to become that man.

In the passage “Certain Solitude Deserted” the sceneries are located in the mid-section of Baja California, Mexico.  The characters are family members, friends, and a self-portrait.

Quotes in italics are from Edgar Allan Poe, Antonio Ortega, and Jorge Luis Borges.

Angélica Escoto 2013

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